5 ways to launch an IDO(Initial Dex Offering)


  1. IDO platforms: One way to launch an IDO is through dedicated IDO platforms such as Polkastarter, Bounce, ChainGuardian and others. These platforms are built specifically for IDOs and provide a streamlined process for launching an IDO, including smart contract deployment, token allocation, and distribution.
  2. Decentralized exchanges (DEXs): Another way to launch an IDO is through decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Many DEXs have built-in IDO launchpads that allow projects to launch their tokens directly on the exchange and offer liquidity for trading.
  3. Community-driven launch: IDOs can also be launched through a community-driven model, where the community plays a central role in the launch process. This can include community members participating in the development of the project, helping to market the project, and determining the token allocation.
  4. Marketing campaigns: IDOs can be launched through aggressive marketing campaigns that create awareness and generate interest in the project. This can include social media campaigns, influencer marketing, content marketing, and PR.
  5. Private fundraising: IDOs can also be launched through private fundraising, where the project team raises funds from a select group of accredited investors before the public launch. This can help to generate early traction and funding for the project before the IDO.

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